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Ann Perry is a long time HR professional in the nonprofit space, having built three departments from the ground up. Her most recent positions were as VP of Human Resources at Cradles to Crayon and before that, the New England Aquarium.

Ann is committed to helping clients achieve success by supporting organizational development and recruitment needs. She values collaboration and inclusivity, quickly building authentic relationships with stakeholders. As a life-long learner in her personal and professional life, she is committed to sharing her knowledge in fun and supportive ways. 

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Anna Asphar, the principal at A3, has managed talent in the nonprofit sector for the last 30 years.  In addition to recruitment, she is well-versed in organizational development, employee relations, compensation, employment law, training, coaching and onboarding.  

Committed to leaving a better world for the next generation, Anna provides pro bono services for organizations such as Cultural Exchange through Soccer, International Institute of New England, International Institute of New England, Greentown Labs, the Brookline Foundation and Sportsmens Tennis and Enrichment Center. She also mentors young professionals. 

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