• Anna Asphar, A3 HR

Managing Humans

May 2019

Culture has been a big buzz word for some years now, it’s popularity increasing proportionally to the decrease of the talent pool.  This has forced companies and managers to look inwards to better engage their team. If team members are happy in their job, they will be more creative and productive contributors and stay longer.

HR people like to throw words around: deliverables, benchmarking, behavioral competencies, retention. AAGH!  But much more helpful than all that jargon is the cornerstone of my 30-year HR practice, The Golden Rule.

You can be an organized religion person, a disorganized religion person, or a no religion person, but the phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is simple, sublime and the key to running a healthy, productive company or department.  Keeping that simple phrase as the context for all your work-related interactions (actually, non-work related interactions, too), here are your top 10 things to remember as a manager.

  1. Be a coach, not a boss

  2. Give your team the tools they need

  3. Trust them, let them fly, run along behind them only if they ask for help

  4. Have their backs, always

  5. Never blame. Own a problem on your team or with a direct report. You hired, trained, reviewed and are managing, it’s on you

  6. Be the mentor you wish you had

  7. Set clear expectations and hold people to them

  8. Be vulnerable, talk about your frustrations or challenges at work

  9. Be genuinely concerned for each team member as a person

  10. Show appreciation, often.

Anna Asphar

A3 HR Consulting